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Kourageous Kids Storybook Anthology by D.A. Drake & D.M. Drake


Kourageous Kids Storybook Anthology by D.M. & D.A. Drake

Publisher: CreateSpace

When I heard on the Internet that Danielle and Matthew Drake were going to put aside their own novels to work on this inspired humanitarian project, I was super impressed! This couple had spent years on their Skylar series, so were making a tremendous personal sacrifice.

I learned that they had been reading about children with cancer and their hearts reached out to them in their need. They were talking one evening when their own three children were sound asleep and the idea struck Matthew to write books about these children. Their books would be different because they envisioned doing a book for each child individually; a book wherein each child would be the hero, complete with photos of the child. With that in mind, they contacted some of the parents and began writing simple little stories of childhood adventures wherein the child interacted with other characters the Drakes created. Charming stories, indeed.

Needless to say, the children’s families embraced them and their idea with open arms. Families contributed photos and details about their children, and shortly afterwards, the Drakes began getting requests from other parents of cancer-stricken children.

VOILA–Kourageous Kids Storybooks was born!

After publishing several of the individual, smaller books and sending them FREE to the child who stars within the pages, the Drakes decided to compile the finished ones into this amazing anthology for everyone’s reading pleasure. This is the first anthology for sale–with the individual, smaller books being given to the children FREE. I guarantee you will smile all the way through this book as you get involved with the simple, daily adventures of these remarkable children. Heart-warming! Tear-jerking! Loving! Family-oriented!

The Drakes feel fulfilled by this project–knowing they are “making a difference” in so many lives, not only the children, but the families. (Knowing that siblings of ill children often feel “left out,” the Drakes make sure to include them.) Making the children feel important and happy is the best thing about this project, but just as important–because it could help countless others–proceeds go to The National Children’s Cancer Society and Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Kudos to Matt and Danielle for a job well done. I not only recommend this book, I also recommend that you find Kourageous Kids on Facebook and make a small contribution. The Drakes personal start-up funds are low and we all need to help the children.

Reviewer: Betty Dravis

Betty Dravis is an award-winning newspaper publisher and career journalist/Cable TV talk show host. She’s a celebrity interviewer and award-winning author (and co-author) of seven books. This devoted mother and grandmother is an honorary Kentucky Colonet, in two Whos’ Who books, San Jose Woman of Achievement, etc. Her most recent awards are: Best Paranormal/Horror (co-author Barbara Watkins), placed #18 in Fourth Annual Shorty Awards and in Top 20 of 2011 Best Women’s Fiction. You can visit Betty at her website, Facebook, and Amazon.


6 comments on “Kourageous Kids Storybook Anthology by D.A. Drake & D.M. Drake

  1. Betty Dravis
    June 16, 2012

    Thanks, Brianna and the entire staff of Plum Tree Books for posting my review of Matt and Danielle Drake’s remarkable book for and about children with cancer. You’re doing a fantastic job at Plum Tree.

    Hugs – Betty Dravis

    • Brianna Soloski
      June 16, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by, Betty. We have found a wonderful group of reviewers and our little blog is off to a good start.

      • Betty Dravis
        June 17, 2012

        I’m so happy for you. I’m honored to be one of your reviewers. Keep up the great work. ❤

      • Brianna Soloski
        June 17, 2012

        Thank you! It’s so nice to hear some positive feedback.

  2. barbienell
    June 19, 2012

    Wow – what an awesome review, Betty – a tribute well deserved for a phenomenal piece of literature as well as for its contributors, Matt and Daniel; two precious and giving souls that the world could use more of…!

  3. Matthew Drake
    July 12, 2012

    Thank you for your lovely review Betty. I appreciate your support and all the kind words from everyone.

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