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Snack Attack – Marsha Casper Cook


Snack Attack by Marsha Casper Cook

Publisher: Fideli Publishing Inc.

Just imagine if you could eat anything that you wanted for breakfast as you were growing up. Even better if you could pick out and eat everything on your junk food list for lunch and dinner too. Would you? I bet you would. Just like Addison who decided that oatmeal, which is my favorite breakfast food, was yucky, boring, not exciting and even worse did not go down easily when swallowed by poor Addison. Or so he said!

Snack Attack is the one book that should be given to every reluctant eater, every school nutritionist, mothers, and anyone that thinks candy, chocolate and cookies make a great breakfast.

Addison decided to share his oatmeal; no I mean feed his oatmeal to his dog for breakfast without thinking his mother would find out. However, he thought he was really smart and could put one over on him. Addison, don’t you know mothers have eyes everywhere and you can never get one over on them. But, he tried. While his mother was distracted with a phone call he stuffed enough cookies in his mouth to satisfy himself.  Or so he thought!

This story is told in the first person by our main character Addison who will proceed to explain to the reader what happened next.

“I came home from school and hugged my mom who wonders if I had broken the cookie jar that was in pieces on the floor. Instead, I answered her with a question that gave her pause for thought. Considering my answer, which you will have to read for yourself, she consented to let me eat anything that I wanted from now on. How great is that! I can now eat chocolate cake, ice cream, chips, marshmallows and more for every meal. I even dreamt about it and planned my first meal in my head. I thought this was the greatest gift that I ever had. The next few days I ate popcorn, gummy bears, cheesy popcorn and every combination imaginable without thinking that some of these foods should not be eaten together, consecutively or three times a day. What does happen you won’t believe. I did not want to believe it either.

Let’s just say that mothers know best and my mom is the smartest mom in the world. Addison, that’s me learned a really good lesson when my mom listened to my request and allowed me to make my own choices. Parents are smart. Parents that allow their kids to make their own mistakes and are there to support them win or lose, create a communication and a bond between them that will never break.”

Marsha Casper Cook’s book Snack Attack teaches a great lesson to Addison and to other kids that sometimes what we think we hate and is not what we want is really good for us. You can give me oatmeal anytime. I am with Addison’s mom on this one. So, Addison the next time your mom makes you oatmeal, (I like it dry) just call me and I will finish it for you.

Humorous, well-written, fantastic illustrations, this is a must read for all parents, children and oatmeal lovers.

Reviewer: Fran Lewis

Fran worked in the NYC Public Schools as the Reading and Writing Staff Developer for over 36 years. She has three masters degrees and a PhD in Supervision and Administration. Currently, she is a member of Who’s Who of America’s Teachers and Who’s Who of America’s Executives from Cambridge. In addition, she is the author of three children’s books and a fourth that has just been published  on Alzheimer’s disease in order to honor her mom and help create more awareness for a cure. The title of her new Alzheimer’s book is Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story. She is also the author of Because We Care and Sharp as A Tack or Scrambled Eggs: Which Describes Your Brain? Her latest book is Faces Behind the Stones. She was the musical director for shows at her school and ran the school’s newspaper. Fran writes reviews for authors upon request for several sites. You can read some of her reviews on Ezine.com and on ijustfinished.com under the name Gabina. You can visit Fran at her website, blog, and book review blog.


One comment on “Snack Attack – Marsha Casper Cook

  1. madisonmontgomery
    August 29, 2012

    Thank you for the great review.

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