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Torment (Bloodlines) – Lindsay Anne Kendal


Torment (Bloodlines) by Lindsay Anne Kendal

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Torment is the second in the Bloodlines trilogy.  This book fascinated me for a variety of reasons. The strongest pull that drew me in was Lindsay’s interesting take on sorcery and Hell, even though as a Christian, I don’t agree with them, it is just a fictional story. A close second is Lindsay’s skillful ability to paint a strong cast of likable young adult characters from the first book and allowed us learn even more in the second. This sequel delves deep into their daily interactions with each other as their bonds become stronger.

Like each of us must face in real life, these imaginary young adults struggle with the same difficulties in managing relationships, emotional issues, coming to terms with who they are and why they are here in this world.  But when they discover that alliances previously made were not the best choices, all Hell breaks loose (literally!)

Important issues about how young adults view not only themselves, but others as well both on the outside as well as the core of our inner beings, are subtly woven into this great tale.  Loyalties are tested and only those with strong moral convictions will survive.  Lindsay reveals a few more intricate details of Kiera’s life and her true calling, then suddenly, leaves you staring at the last page!  Hurry up and finish!

It takes a truly creative mind and talented author to not only make the characters come alive on the page, but to describe a fictional world with such intricate detail and make it believable.  Congratulations to Lindsay for accomplishing these feats with ease!

Reviewer: Ashley Fontainne

Ashley Fontainne is a suspense/thriller author of two books as well as one poetry and short story book.  A lover of classical literature, she is a voracious reader that enjoys reading emotional roller coasters. Ashley resides in Arkansas with her family, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Visit her at her website and blog.


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