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The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion – Marsha Casper Cook


The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion by Marsha Casper Cook

Publisher: Fideli Publishing, Inc.

Isabella Pimpinella has just one wish in life. She wants to be a full-fledged witch with the rights and privileges afforded to one. Mainly, to be able to fly. Anyone who has ever been a witch would know that. But, she has one problem. In order to become a witch and  she needs all of the other junior witches  to  help her create the Magical Leaping Lizard Potion. This potion has been handed down through the ages century after century. This is the truest test of bravery for every witch. Without creating this potion she could not get her flying powers as a witch.

Isabella had one great asset, her dog Milly Van Dilly. Dogs are faithful, they are loyal and they never disappoint you. Just ask Isabella. The problem was that she could not create this potion by herself. She needed the other junior witches and they were nowhere in sight. Midnight was the deadline and it was approaching. If she did not create this magic potion she would be doomed to many more years of Witches School until she got it right. Poor Isabella. What would she do if they did not show up?

Never fear, witches always stick together and would never fail each other. They are a closely-knit group of true blue friends. Just before midnight they all arrived and except for one. Each junior witch was unique in her own style, some were so identical they shared a style and you could hardly tell them apart. But, just like humans, even a witch has fears and sometimes it takes a good friend to coax and encourage that witch to have faith in trust in herself and her friends.

Author Marsha Casper Cook takes us on this midnight journey along with Isabella, Milly Van Dilly, all of the junior witches and one special one named Twyla as they create the funniest, yuckiest but I won’t tell you if it worked potion you ever don’t want to drink, except if you are a witch.

Does Isabella become a full-fledged witch? What happens at the end will bring a smile to your face and teach everyone the true meaning of friendship-witches style.

The illustrations are lifelike; the story is heartwarming, humorous and will make you laugh. Once again Marsha Casper has written a great children’s book. This book gets Five More Lizards for the next group of junior witches to use when they create their Magical Leaping Lizard Potions.

Reviewer: Fran Lewis

Fran worked in the NYC Public Schools as the Reading and Writing Staff Developer for over 36 years. She has three masters degrees and a PhD in Supervision and Administration. Currently, she is a member of Who’s Who of America’s Teachers and Who’s Who of America’s Executives from Cambridge. In addition, she is the author of three children’s books and a fourth that has just been published  on Alzheimer’s disease in order to honor her mom and help create more awareness for a cure. The title of her new Alzheimer’s book is Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story. She is also the author of Because We Care and Sharp as A Tack or Scrambled Eggs: Which Describes Your Brain? Her latest book is Faces Behind the Stones. She was the musical director for shows at her school and ran the school’s newspaper. Fran writes reviews for authors upon request for several sites. You can read some of her reviews on Ezine.com and on ijustfinished.com under the name Gabina. You can visit Fran at her website, blog, and book review blog.


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