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A Dog’s Story – Nancy Silk


A Dog’s Story (A Short Tale of Kedge) by Nancy Silk

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Charming, Feel-Good Dog Tale…

I had just read a story about an abused dog that a friend was helping when I saw author Nancy Silk’s book on one of my Social Media sites. It sounded like a light read that would cheer me up, so I got it.

I’m glad I did because this is a charming story of two miniature wire-haired dachshunds that lived aboard a sailing sloop with their “Mommy and Daddy” in the Sacramento Delta of California. When the nice couple decided to get a puppy to keep their first dog, Briny, company, they were delighted to find Kedge in Florida.

Later when the woman decided to share the story about how they found Kedge, why they named her so, and describe how she fit into their boat life, they let Kedge tell her own tale. That’s why this story is told from the pet’s viewpoint in the form of a letter to a friend who took care of the two dogs while they went on a vacation.

As Kedge relates her story, you will fall in love with this tiny canine and Briny too. They’re both good little doggie; full of mischief and fun, as doggies are meant to be. It was fun romping around the boat with them and learning about boat life and doggie secrets. 🙂

A quick, fun, simple read, one that left a smile on my face, as I’m sure it will yours. This story is so love-filled that it will be perfect to read to your own little ones. I can’t wait to hear Melissa’s giggles when I read it to her.

Reviewer: Betty Dravis

Betty Dravis is an award-winning newspaper publisher and career journalist/cable TV talk show host. She’s a celebrity interviewer and award-winning author (and co-author) of seven books. This devoted mother and grandmother is an honorary Kentucky Colonet, in two Whos’ Who books, San Jose Woman of Achievement, etc. Her most recent awards are: Best Paranormal/Horror (with co-author Barbara Watkins); she recently placed #18 in Fourth Annual Shorty Awards and in Top 20 of 2011 Best Women’s Fiction. Visit Betty at her website, Facebook page, and Amazon author page.


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