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Apart From Love – Uvi Poznansky


Apart From Love by Uvi Poznansky

Publisher: Uvi Poznansky

Touchingly Warmhearted and Eloquently Written…..

I was drawn in quickly by the quiet articulacy in which the author introduces you to  a world of love, mistrust, acceptance, anger as well as the full history of the characters within her novel. I enjoyed the way author Uvi Poznansky patiently moves her readers through a wonderfully rich journey of a family full of secrets, full of a rich and even sometimes tragic history, all the while bringing readers into an opulent cultural understanding that will resonate within your very being for a long time to come. I was truly captured within the quietly expressed strength in which Uvi Poznansky’s amazing insight to each and every detail was played out. Overwhelmingly, I recommend this book to everyone, and especially if you love a treasure to cherish, this is definitely the novel to read.

Reviewer: De Ann Townes, Jr.

De Ann Townes Jr. is known as “Native American Girl” in the world of poetry. Her poetry has been widely anthologized by The League of American Poets: 2005 Expressions II Red Book, Lavender Aurora, Poetry Editor of the 2006 Great Poets of the Western World and Excellence in Poetry Series, Writer Block Periodical for the Urban Literary. Prophase Publishing honored De Ann in their Volume 1 serial #11, September 2003 edition. She was also named famous poet for 2005, chosen for the Poet of the Year Medallion and the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence by The Famous Poets Society, Lavender Aurora. She is also included in Niamh Clune’s anthology Every Child is Entitled to Innocence, with her poem Haunted Dreams and Midnight Screams. The proceeds go toward organizations that help prevent child abuse. De Ann is also featured in The Butterfly Effect. De Ann/Native is currently working on her second book of poetry, and her first children’s book. You can buy her book here. Visit De Ann at her blog, GoodReads, Library Thing, Shelfari, Twitter, and MySpace.





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