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The Coming of the Feminine Christ – Dr. Niamh Clune


The Coming of the Feminine Christ by Dr. Niamh Clune

Publisher: Amrita Publications

Five Star Review

A Spiritual Journey of Discovery

I was profoundly affected after reading “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” It is so well written and thought provoking that Dr. Clune’s thesis on her life’s spiritual journey can only be categorized as a unique magical discourse on life and its meaning. It encompasses the metaphysical, philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and supernatural, all rolled into a dialogue of such staggering intellectual concepts, theories and musings, that it was like reading the Bible, The Iliad and The Odyssey, and or Galileo. Dr. Clune’s grasp of human behavior and her keen ability to dissect her own life goes above and beyond what I have ever read before. The reader discovers so many fascinating things about Dr. Clune’s life, and its painful ramifications. It’s how she applies her extra-strength resolve to reset her psyche and to rechannel her past painful experiences, that is so awe inspiring. I am still reeling from the author’s otherworldly experiences and the ways she adapted them into her everyday life. Kudos to Dr. Clune for writing such an epic treatise and for allowing readers to be voyeurs into her psychological journey of discovery.


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