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Waffles and Pancakes – Cindy Springsteen


Waffles and Pancakes by Cindy Springsteen

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Does the size of your house or your home bring you all the happiness you need? Does it matter whether your parents shower you with tons of new toys, clothes or even games? Waffles and Pancakes are best friends. Believe it or not they are two adorable and loveable hamsters created by author Cindy Springsteen  to teach all young readers that having someone to care for you and love you is much more valuable and important than all the money in the world.

Waffles and Pancakes were separated when Danny and his friend Griffin each brought them home to their respective houses. Danny’s room was small and Pancakes box had limited space. But, Danny loved him so much he took him out everyday and played with him letting him know how special he is and even more important, LOVED. Waffles lives in a Hamster Mansion you might say but only has his toys and the things in his cage for company. When Danny brings Pancakes to visit him he is thrilled. Well, after their visit they both learn many important lessons that kids need to learn today. Money is nice but family and love is what really counts.

Author Cindy Springsteen introduces two cute Hamsters and two really smart boys who learn the importance of caring for a pet, loving a new family member and just being friends. This book is definitely a must read not just for young children but for older kids and adults too. It’s great to have things and live in comfort but it’s more important to be loved. What does Waffles learn from Pancakes? What does Danny teach his friend Griffin? Read this book and hope that author Cindy Springsteen will bring these two cute hamsters back and create some more adventures for them. I definitely endorse this book as a must read for story time and classroom read alouds.

Reviewer: Fran Lewis



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