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Murdo by Edward Johns


Murdo by Edward Johns

Publisher: Black Leaf Publishing

All Jessica wants is a dog but all she receives is a big fat NO from her father. Then she’s at home with her baby sitter, Lucy when four men break into the house and kidnap the eight – year – old girl. They hide Jessica in and old shack off the beaten path, then contact her wealthy father for ransom money. In no time at all, she outwits her dimwitted kidnappers and escapes.

Enter a street – wise stray dog that Jessica names Murdo. Murdo immediately senses that the young girl needs his help. He not only finds her food on their journey to Jessica’s house, but he also finds her places to sleep! Murdo and Jessica have a bond so strong that they learn to communicate with each other. However, Jessica and Murdo’s delight in being able to communicate is short lived. They eventually forget to look out for the searching kidnappers who want their meal – ticket back. Jessica soon gets re – kidnapped! Can Murdo rescue Jessica and get her home?

I recommend Murdo by Edward Johns for all children and their parents. This is a delightful tale of friendship and loyalty. Mr. Johns has masterfully painted a wonderful story with his words. You can actually see Jessica, the clutzy kidnappers and Murdo himself!

Reviewer: Deb Hockenberry

Deb Hockenberry has wanted to write for children since she was a child herself. She has completed two courses from the Institute of Children’s. Deb got hooked on reviewing books a few years ago when a friend asked her to review her book. She hasn’t looked back since! Visit Deb at her website and blog.


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